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Unleashing the Power of Hashtags on LinkedIn

Computer screen full of hashtags LinkedIn is the go-to platform for connecting with potential clients and expanding your business reach, but what Hashtags should you use and why?

In the world of professional networking and business development, LinkedIn is the go-to platform for connecting with potential clients and expanding your business reach. While you might be well-versed in creating compelling posts and engaging content, have you fully embraced the power of hashtags on LinkedIn to grow your client base? Here we will explore the significance of hashtags, how to use them effectively, and the differences in their usage between personal and company LinkedIn pages.

Understanding the Hashtag Phenomenon and its Importance

A hashtag is a word or phrase, preceded by the symbol ‘#’ which is used to categorise and organise content on social media platforms, like LinkedIn. By adding relevant hashtags to your posts, you make your content more discoverable to users who are interested in those specific topics. Hashtags can significantly increase the visibility of your posts and expose your brand to a much wider audience.

Mastering the art of Searching for the right Hashtags on LinkedIn

Research is the backbone of effective hashtag usage. To identify the most relevant Hashtags on LinkedIn and incorporate them within your content, start by exploring LinkedIn itself. Use the platform’s search bar to look for terms related to your industry, niche, or the topics you frequently cover. Observe which hashtags are commonly used in posts similar to yours and make a list of those that align well with your content.

Selecting the Optimal Hashtags for Maximum Reach

While it is essential to use popular and widely used hashtags, you must strike a balance by also incorporating more niche and specific hashtags. The popular hashtags might have high visibility, but they can also drown your content in a sea of posts. Combining broad hashtags with niche ones ensures your posts reach the right audience. When selecting which hashtags to use, consider the size of the community already using a particular hashtag and the level of engagement it receives.

Double-check What Your Hashtags Mean

Before using a hashtag on LinkedIn, it is important to double-check its meaning and context to avoid any potential misinterpretation. LinkedIn is a professional platform where the use of hashtags can enhance visibility and engagement with specific topics, however, blindly employing a hashtag without understanding its implications might lead to embarrassing or even damaging outcomes. Taking the time to research and validate the hashtag’s relevance and appropriateness within your industry/topic ensures that your content aligns with your intended message e.g. #susanalbumparty

Hashtags For Accessibility

Due to being Neurodiverse myself, accessibility is something I strongly support. Feel free to read my post on the 10 positives of ADHD.

Using hashtags for accessibility can significantly improve the inclusivity and reach of digital content. One effective method is using capital letters to differentiate the words in the hashtag, such as #DigitalMarketing. This practice, known as camel case, helps screen readers to correctly interpret the hashtag and pronounce each word separately. 

Additionally, using clear and concise hashtags that accurately describe the content aids all users in quickly understanding the context and relevance of the post. When employed thoughtfully, hashtags can serve as powerful tools to connect diverse audiences, foster inclusivity, and ensure that content reaches a broader spectrum of users in the digital landscape.

Personal LinkedIn Pages vs. Company LinkedIn Pages: Understanding the Distinctions 

Understanding the differences between using Hashtags on LinkedIn for personal profiles and for company pages can significantly impact your reach.

Personal LinkedIn Pages: When using hashtags on your personal profile, focus on your individual expertise and interests. Opt for hashtags that reflect your professional skills, industry trends, and the topics you are passionate about. This approach can help you connect with like-minded professionals and potential clients who share similar interests to you.

Company LinkedIn Pages: On the other hand, when posting on your company’s LinkedIn page, shift your focus to the brand’s identity, products, and services. Utilise hashtags that represent your company’s industry, mission, and target audience. This strategy can help you reach potential clients, partners, and industry leaders who might be interested in what your company offers.

Key Reminders for Harnessing the Power of Using Hashtags on LinkedIn!

Hashtags are a powerful tool that can significantly boost your visibility and expand your client base on LinkedIn. By using them strategically, you can attract a more targeted audience to your content, increasing the likelihood of engaging potential clients and building meaningful professional relationships.

As you venture into the world of using hashtags on LinkedIn, remember to conduct thorough research, strike a balance between popular and niche tags, and adapt your hashtag usage based on whether you’re posting from your personal LinkedIn page or your company’s page. Embrace the hashtag phenomenon on LinkedIn and watch your client base flourish!

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