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My Personal Top 10 Positives of ADHD

Positives of ADHD when hiring a freelance digital marketing person

Mental Health is a big topic these days (and rightly so) and it’s allowing people the confidence to open up about subject matters close to them, and one of mine is helping others understand some of the positives of ADHD (attention deficit disorder) because they DO exist,

Why is it a subject close to me you ask, well I actually have ADHD… 


Yes, there I said it, I have ADHD (which now saying it, may not be such a surprise to some people). It’s not something I openly shout about, but after living with it for so long, I’ve learnt to embrace it and work WITH it, not AGAINST it.

In fact, as a freelancer, my clients LOVE some of my ADHD quirks and skills and find it often helps set their marketing on the best foot forward. I’ve even been told that in some instances, it ‘breathes fresh life into their business’ and so, I wanted to highlight the many positives of ADHD to those, not in the know or those that are recently getting diagnosed.

Gone are the days when ADHD used to mean kids bouncing off the walls and being pumped full of Ritalin or when the press used to put the fear of God into anyone who might simply encounter someone with ADHD. But what’s even better, is the number of girls being diagnosed with ADHD is on the rise– not because more girls are getting it, but rather we’re getting better at reading the signs and they don’t feel like they have to hide their symptoms and because we’re more open to talk about the positives of ADHD.  

But in the workplace, undiagnosed people may suffer burnout, lack of focus, get fired from their jobs more frequently or impulsively quit, or underachieve, slowly losing self-esteem, confidence, drive, and joy in life. They often resign themselves to a life with less success and lustre than it could have been if they were simple diagnosed and treated… 


Finally, people and employers are starting to talk, talk about the positives of ADHD and how it can be used, harnessed, and why in some instances, someone with ADHD is actually a dream for certain projects or tasks.

1. Don’t think of a Pink Elephant

You thought of it, didn’t you? OK, now try hard not to think about it…

…” Pink Elephant, oooh Percy Pigs are yummy, what about mud, I could do with a spa day, I must remember to get some dinner on my way home, I wonder where my next holiday will be, I like safari, zebra, that Beatles cover featuring a zebra road crossing was a good one, I wonder what the Queen is doing right now…” and stop. 

You tell us not to think of a Pink Elephant, we won’t because our minds will wander, but that’s great when you’re in a room with people that need to come up with loads of ideas. Yes, some of the ideas might seem far fetched initially, but it’ll help open others minds and spark some creativity.

2. T-I-double-Guh-Er

Remember Tigger from Winnie-the-Pooh by A. A. Milne and how he was always bouncing around the place full of energy, well in some workplace instances, they NEED that energy. Think of places where high energy is essential- think of sports and entertainment, health centres, anything where kids are. There are lots of jobs for people that can’t sit still.  

3. Superman got nothing on us!

Our hyperfocus is our superpower- give us a task or project we’re interested in and by golly, it’ll get done. Where others get bored, we can hyperfocus so crazy that the World disappears until our task is complete. If allowed, we can channel all that attention and energy into work that makes a difference focusing for hours on end, where others get bored really quickly.

In my spare time, I make embroidery hoops for friends and family, it takes me many hours over many evenings but I LOVE it. It’s so relaxing and enjoyable and I know those with them find them really precious which is one of my positives of ADHD. My family can’t believe it sit so still for so long, but all my focus goes into making one of these hoops and won’t stop until it’s finished. 

4. Diamonds are made under pressure

Got a tight deadline and high performing tasks full of pressure that needs doing- give it to someone with ADHD as our brains love adrenaline. It may appear as sky diving or swimming with sharks or announcing publicly your mental health and your view on the positives of ADHD, but for some, it means seeking out stress and drama and finding ways to work with it and get the job done. 

5. Allow us to present you with some options

People with ADHD can provide a unique perspective that others may find interesting and valuable. This is because we can see things differently, we’re not just looking at a problem in 2D, we can step back, flip it, look around, zoom in and out and view the problem in 3D. If you tap into those skills, we’ll find ways around your issues and solutions to make it work. 

6. Lacking organisation… have you met me?

I’ve been told by many of my colleagues and clients that I am one of THE most organised people that they’ve met, but it’s because I’ve had to be! Yes my head may be running at 125mph and I’m remembering 16Million different things at once, but I’ve found ways to COPE with what should be a massive pain from ADHD. 

I make lists, I write things down, I carve time out in my diary to perform specific tasks or contact people, I use Trello boards, you name it, I’ve likely tried it, but over time I’ve found what works for me. Because of this, I’m an awesome Project Manager, I consider all the potential options from an outcome and if we come across a bump, I’ve already planned another route- another positive of ADHD

7. Talking until the cows come home

If you’re in a room and someone is simply striking up a conversation with multiple people and groups, there’s a chance they may have ADHD. Why, because when put in low energy situations, we get bored and like to get some entertainment going. It might simply mean starting a conversation with someone and coming up with interesting different topics to keep the conversation and questions flowing. In some instances, this is great- they need people to talk, to keep the conversation happening and to help others open up, think instructors, coaches, event organisers, reporters, Account Managers and so on.

8. Like a Salmon going upstream

People with ADHD are more likely to come up against resistance and develop protective strengths, which allow them to flourish and resist difficulties and challenges associated with ADHD.  We’ve learnt ways to excel at pushing past setbacks, adopting new strategies, and moving forward better than ever. You tell us ‘no’, we’ll ask ‘why’ and then ‘why not’ and then think ‘what’s the real issue’ and find another way by simply stepping back and looking at the bigger picture.  

9. You’d rather work with someone nice than a grump

Despite our setbacks, we like to make people happy and to help. We might do it at our own expense, or simply share the last biscuit with someone, but as smiley happy people, we’re simply nice to be around. Well-adjusted people with ADHD have learned to use humour to cope with difficult situations, reduce stress, strengthen bonds, change minds and more. 

10. Let the creative juices flow

More often than not, people with ADHD tend to be more creative vs their counterparts, and there are some roles where that’s needed. Look to the ones with ADHD if you need a presentation made, or a new idea or design for your company website or simply any task that needs a different or more creative approach. We may not all be great with design, but we can give you the ideas that’ll help get the job done.

There’s more of us out there than you know. Studies have recently shown that at least ‘75% of adults who have ADHD do not know that they have it‘ that’s a lot of people ‘in the dark’ and finding their own methods and ways of coping with it’. 

But the number is (luckily) on the rise as we finally become more understanding and open to ADHD and don’t see it as a ‘black mark’ on our personal file in the workplace. This spark in conversation is allowing people to realise their true potential and super skills and how ADHD can be used to their advantage and the general positives of ADHD.

ADHD sets me apart from other Digital Marketers, but for all the right reasons, so why not get in touch to see how my super skills can work for you. 

For those that also have ADHD or other neurodivergent disorders, even better, I understand you and I get you so throw your chaos at me- I’ll get your digital marketing organised!

For anyone reading this who simply wants to chat about this (either for yourself, for a friend, colleague, employee or child) my door is always open.

If you’ve made it this far and you have ADHD, woohoo, you read it all! 

Photo by Yulia Matvienko on Unsplash