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You got questions, I got answers

We have a free 30x minute conversation, and if we both think we can work together, I’ll send you a contract.

Once the contract is signed and your first months hours paid (and cleared in my bank account), I’ll send you an onboarding document and detail the next steps.

I offer a range of digital marketing, website copywriting, account management and website build services.

Yes, each month, you’ll have your set guaranteed number of hours that you have pre-paid for.

Some typical tasks include:

  • Creating website landing pages
  • Updating social media accounts, creating and posting content, making accounts uniform, making communities
  • Developing branding documents, guides and templates
  • Promoting content through Digital Marketing
  • Managing email subscribers
  • Distributing email newsletter
  • Writing email newsletter copy
  • Creating and maintaining social media/ blog calendar
  • Writing and posting content for the company website

I find payment upfront/deposits give you and I both security, so for rolling monthly work I take 1x months payment up front for your pre-paid months hours. 

For one off project work, I take 50% deposit before starting and invoice for the remaining 50% upon my completion (or within 2x weeks of handover)

My payment terms are 7x days. The money needs to have been cleared in my bank account.

If for some reason you’d like to cancel, I need 1x month written notice. This gives you the security that I won’t abandon you with no notice, and me security that I can use to manage my schedule.

This can be discussed on a case-by-case agreement and depends on my workload. I only take on work if I can guarantee the hours, which means any work that is agreed, is set up.

I’m only human, so yes I do. Should this happen though, I try to work your hours in around it and pre-agree if there’s to be any break in the work.

Likely yes I can help with this project work, but as my regular clients get priority of their pre-agreed set hours, any additional work is balanced around that. 

Once we start working, we can set regular catch ups and emails (admin and onboarding included) but this is billable (otherwise I can spend an entire day catching up with clients but not actually performing any tasks and I have my own bills to pay too).

If we have a meeting set up and you don’t turn up, 1x hour will get billed. Your time is precious, as is mine so I find this method makes things streamlined.

Typical strategy tasks include:

  • Google Analytic reporting, advising and tweaking
  • Creating a marketing strategy
  • Research into competitors and what they’re doing
  • Website review/ audit and advice how to make the site better
  • Training of my skills to junior team members and aiding them to complete their role (including creating user guides)
  • Etc

I’ve got experience using and managing WordPress (including version 5.5 or below), Drupal and Magento 1 and 2. Typical tasks include:

  • Suggesting and performing SEO improvements
  • Help improving the websites Google Lighthouse score
  • Publishing blog posts
  • Fixing broken links on the company website
  • Making website amends/ tweaks
  • Sourcing images to accompany blog posts and status updates
  • Writing content that’s suitable for the web (including blogs and generic pages)
  • Creating and managing lead magnets
  • Performing regular keyword research
  • Etc

I need written notice of 1x month. This gives you security that I won’t abandon you with no notice, and me security that I can manage my schedule.

Yes I am, this means I follow the legal guidelines provided by the ICO for processing personal data.

Yes I do. My Professional Indemnity Insurance covers up to £1,000,000

By email: or by phone: +44 77990 45493